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Bridal Boudoir Photography

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We know that planning an entire wedding can be super stressful and time consuming and we want to be able to take your mind off of everything for a day so that you can have fun and be pampered!! Our goal is to make your wedding gift the easiest and most fun decision you will make!

You've found the perfect guy, and now you've found the perfect gift for him! Find out why our brides are choosing boudoir over and over again instead of socks and watches.

Unique. Personal.

The one thing they can't get from a store

To ensure that every bride has the best experience possible with us we only accept a couple brides per month. 

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Mr. B

Morgan’s boudoir pictures were in every way just stunning! It was somewhat of a surprise to me! I already know how beautiful she truly is, but to actually have those pictures taken in different lighting and different styles really captured the beauty of her... I can’t express how much I love those pictures! Every photo made my face light up and I loved seeing her body and skin so flawless and bare! I am very thankful and in awe of my wife and Cody. Thank you so much for making the boudoir pictures so amazing!! They are perfect!

Stunning Images

Expert Styling

Gorgeous Gifts

Our Hair and Makeup Artists are THE BEST in Auburn!! They will glam you up so that you will look and feel your absolute best for your shoot!

From the Premier Boudoir Studio in Auburn, you deserve the absolute best, and as a wedding gift, so does he!

A gift so unique that he will treasure it forever! Made to last from smaller keepsakes to larger heirlooms that are made to last!

two gifts in one!

Boudoir is for YOU

Have you ever said something like this...

I need to workout/get in shape...

I'm not a lingerie type of girl...

I don't know how to pose...

I'm not pretty enough...

Every single woman on this site has said this exact same thing! And EVERY SINGLE ONE has left loving their pictures, themselves, and their body more than before!

Boudoir isn't about lingerie, it's about falling in love with who you are and a gift for your man! We tailor each shoot for you, so if that's strappy undies or an off the shoulder sweater, its customized for you!

None of these women knew how to pose when they came in for the first time. It's up to us to pose you from fingertips to the toes and everything in between!

Society has twisted and morphed the definition of beautiful and I'm sick of it. Girl, you are ABSOLUTELY beautiful enough for a boudoir session. In fact I would argue that you are in more need than others to have a session. Let us show you how much a beautiful rockstar you truly are! 

Now it's your turn!

Getting a gift for the man of your dreams is no easy task to take on. So let us solve that for you. Getting a Boudoir Album for his wedding gift is so unique and so personal and it's the perfect gift that can't be bought off line or from a chain retail store. This gift is you! The real and raw you, and he is going to LOVE IT!! Fill out this form below and let's get this journey started!!