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Redefining beauty Standards

I was worried that I needed to lose weight, tone up, etc, and that I wouldn’t look or feel sexy. After one or two poses, I felt like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

~Future Mrs. B

Meet the team:

Cody Allen

Haley Allen

Kara Pettit



Hair + Makeup Artist

When Cody's not behind the camera or computer, he is usually playing with the kids or watching the latest on Netflix (now it's Disney+). He loves to travel and see new places with Haley! 

Haley is the most joyful and kindest human you will meet. Her caring heart allows her to connect with you in a way unlike anyone else. On your photoshoot day she will be there to assist with posing and details. 

Kara is the most talented hairstylist makeup artist in all of Auburn and beyond! When she isn't working on one of our clients she is traveling around doing Bridal Hair and Makeup!

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Boudoir - Redefined

What is boudoir photography

For us, Boudoir is an art form that captures God's beautiful creation of the female body. Each and every woman is fearfully and wonderfully made, but the world shouts out these outrageous "standards" for beauty. These standards are wrong and should be replaced to encourage every woman in her own beauty! With our photography we want to capture your inner and outer beauty. 

You are a power house, and a rockstar! Let's chat so that we can show you what we mean!

Wait, you're a guy!?!?

That's right, being a guy boudoir photographer allows me to be able to capture you in a different way than a woman can. However Haley and I are both there during the session and she adds that feminine touch to the images. We are usually both taking pictures during the session so you are really getting the best of both worlds. Our work is not like what you may think of when it comes to Boudoir, our approach is very tasteful and elegant and highlights who you are! You are going to see just how beautiful and sexy you truly are!

Why should I do this?

There are several reasons why you should do this, but only you will know why it's important for you to have a boudoir session. Maybe you are getting married and you want to give your future hubby a super special and intimate gift that he will love and cherish for ever. Or you could have just been diagnosed with cancer and you want to celebrate and capture how you feel before treatment. Perhaps you are a single mom that just needs some wine and relaxation with some adults that will pamper you and treat you like royalty! Whatever the reason you deserve to have a boudoir photo session! It's something you don't want to miss out on, but don't take my word for it. See what others have to say about it!

"I highly recommend [YOU] doing this type of shoot, because it shows the full potential of sexy/elegancy you can be."
-Mrs MB.

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